Ceramic fiber paper gasket is a paper like gasket made of ceramic fibers. Ceramic fiber is a high-temperature refractory material with excellent high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation performance, and mechanical strength; Ceramic fiber paper gaskets are widely used in fields such as insulation, fire prevention, and sealing of high-temperature equipment.


Ceramic fiber paper gaskets have the following characteristics:
High temperature resistance: able to withstand thermal radiation and conduction in high-temperature environments, commonly used for insulation and protection of equipment.
Corrosion resistance: It has certain corrosion resistance to chemical substances such as acids and alkalis and can be used in corrosive environments.
Insulation performance: It has good electrical insulation performance and can be used in fields such as electrical equipment.
Lightweight: Compared to traditional ceramic materials, ceramic fiber paper gaskets are lighter and easier to install and use.
Flexibility: Due to the use of a paper like structure, ceramic fiber paper gaskets have a certain degree of flexibility and can adapt to surfaces of different shapes.
Environmental friendliness: Ceramic fiber paper gaskets do not contain harmful substances and meet environmental protection requirements.
Ceramic fiber paper gaskets can be widely used in industries such as railways, ships, petrochemicals, power, metallurgy, etc., for insulation, insulation, fire prevention, sealing, and other applications.