The main reasons why aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts are expensive are as follows:
High raw material cost: Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber is a high-performance ceramic material that requires the use of high-purity raw materials and is processed through multiple processes, resulting in high raw material costs.
The manufacturing process is complex: The manufacturing process of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts requires multiple processes, including fiber preparation, molding, sintering, etc. Each step requires strict control of process parameters and quality requirements, with high process complexity and relatively high manufacturing costs.


3. High performance and special requirements: Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts are usually used in special environments such as high temperature and corrosion, requiring excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and other properties. This requires special optimization in material selection and manufacturing process, which increases cost and manufacturing difficulty. Market demand 4. Relatively small: Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts are mainly used in some special industries, such as aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. The market demand is relatively small, and the production scale is relatively small, which also leads to relatively high product prices.