When using ceramic fiber modules, the following points need to be noted:
1. Avoid mechanical damage: Ceramic fiber modules have high brittleness and are prone to mechanical impact and vibration damage. Therefore, during transportation, installation, and use, it is necessary to avoid collision and friction with hard objects to avoid damage to the module.
2. Prevent moisture intrusion: Ceramic fiber modules are sensitive to moisture, and prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to a decrease in their performance. Therefore, it is important to avoid contact with water during use, especially to avoid prolonged immersion in water.
3. Pay attention to protective measures: Due to the possibility of harmful substances being released from ceramic fiber modules at high temperatures, it is necessary to take proper protective measures when using them, such as wearing protective glasses, masks, etc., to reduce harm to the human body.
4. Regular maintenance and inspection: Ceramic fiber modules will gradually wear out during use, so regular inspection and maintenance are necessary to replace severely worn modules in a timely manner to ensure their normal service life.

In short, when using ceramic fiber modules, attention should be paid to avoiding mechanical damage, preventing moisture intrusion, avoiding excessive temperature changes, taking protective measures, and conducting regular maintenance and inspection to ensure their safe and reliable use.