The production process of ceramic fiber shaped parts can be divided into the following steps:
Raw material preparation: Select suitable ceramic fiber materials and mix them in a certain proportion.
Forming: Put the mixed ceramic fiber material into the mold and shape it through pressing or injection molding.
Drying: Place the formed ceramic fiber shaped parts into an oven or drying chamber for appropriate drying to remove moisture.
Sintering: Place the dried ceramic fiber shaped parts into a high-temperature furnace for sintering, making them a sturdy ceramic material.
Surface treatment: Conduct surface treatment on ceramic fiber shaped parts as needed, such as polishing and polishing.
Inspection and packaging: Conduct quality inspection on the produced ceramic fiber shaped parts, and package them after passing the inspection, preparing for shipment or storage.

It should be noted that the specific manufacturing process may vary depending on different fiber materials and shapes of irregular parts, and the above steps are only a reference for general manufacturing processes. In practical operation, adjustments and optimizations need to be made according to specific circumstances.